SCANDAL Jean Paul Gaultier & Editions 30.09.2017

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is the example of a brand creating its own strong universe. The iconic bottle and tin box, the sailor men campaigns and the juice.  And editions: summer, special and limited editions. With lots of discussions on Fragrantica about the composition. Is it a clear flanker or is it exactly the same original formula in a new packaging? This is part of the 'Le Male world'. The story stays close to the identity of the JPG Fashion House and that seems to be effective!

And now: SCANDAL 

This time the focus is on the elegant legs... and within some years a range of editions. People want no change, but just a little difference because the same is boring. Just like the torso of Le Male: the skin is partly covered by cloths, everytime another outfit. Can't wait to see and smell the SCANDALous flankers and limited editions. It looks very promising.


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